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Welcome to the AIOZ Network


AIOZ Network is a comprehensive infrastructure solution for web3 storage, decentralized AI computation, live streaming and video on demand (VOD), powered by people.

As the insatiable global appetite for digital content continues to grow, the digital landscape is undergoing a transformative shift. The explosive rise in demand for reliable and scalable solutions for file storage, video hosting, and content delivery means that many legacy infrastructures are now struggling to keep up with the demands of what is quickly becoming an “online-first” generation.

In Web2 storage, leading cloud object storage providers boast impressive numbers, growing year on year.

Yet centralized providers often fall short in terms of security, data sovereignty, and environmental sustainability. Single points of failure also present risks of downtime which can cost some of the world’s largest companies millions of dollars, even resulting in complete data loss for the end users.

Meanwhile, with the recent explosion in AI innovations, we see an urgent need for decentralized computation. The centralization of AI resources has led to bottlenecks in data processing, further monopolization of the data storage industry and concerns over data privacy. The lack of GPU supply and high computational costs inhibit advancement of AI, with industry monoliths spending millions of dollars to progress and the average developer or startup being priced out.

The video streaming market, a cornerstone of modern digital content, is projected to surpass USD 554.11 billion growth by 2032. AR, VR and social media streaming platforms have witnessed an explosion in both innovation and popularity. Traditional models, however, are increasingly strained under the demands for high-quality streaming, leading to a need for more resilient and efficient delivery methods.

Welcome to the AIOZ Network

AIOZ Blockchain Summary: EVM x Cosmos

AIOZ Network's Blockchain combines the robustness of Cosmos and the compatibility of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It leverages the Tendermint core and a delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism (dBFT) to achieve high transaction throughput, speed, and scalability with minimal fees. These features establish AIOZ Blockchain as a strong platform for decentralized applications (dApps).

The network's multichain structure facilitates integration with prominent EVM chains such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain through Gravity Bridge, and with Cosmos-based chains like Cosmos via Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC). This ensures fluid asset and data transfer across different blockchain ecosystems, enabling developers to utilize the advantages each offers.

Moreover, AIOZ Blockchain's support for established smart contract languages including Solidity and Web Assembly empowers developers to create and deploy versatile applications that maintain compatibility across platforms. This fosters an accessible and conducive environment for blockchain development.

AIOZ dCDN: P2P + Blockchain

AIOZ Network's dCDN platform revolutionizes file storage and distribution in Web 3.0 dApps, providing an affordable solution for file storage & media streaming. Powered by a community of AIOZ Edge Nodes, the network ensures secure content delivery and rewards participants with $AIOZ. Leveraging peer-to-peer nodes and global computing resources, AIOZ Network creates an efficient and scalable dCDN with optimal delivery speed and cost-effectiveness. With unlimited bandwidth and AI integration, AIOZ Network dCDN becomes a vital component for dApps, supporting file storage, optimized distribution, and intelligent routing at an affordable cost.

AIOZ Web3 Services (AW3S)

AIOZ Web3 Storage (W3S)

AIOZ Web3 Storage (W3S) is a highly versatile Object Storage Infrastructure with S3 compatibility for Web3 dApps. AIOZ W3S offers a fresh perspective on how we store and access our data, leveraging AIOZ Network's P2P nodes to store data across multiple regions, making it distributed with security in mind.

By leveraging the decentralized power of the AIOZ Network, P2P networking, and blockchain technology, AIOZ W3S delivers the benefits of reliable, distributed, and scalable cloud object storage at an affordable cost.


Key Features

  • S3 compatibility: AIOZ W3S is compatible with Amazon's Simple Storage Service (AWS S3). You can easily switch or integrate AIOZ W3S with minimal hassle.
  • No Single Point of Failure: With data copies distributed globally, your information remains intact, ensuring high availability.
  • Fast Access: AIOZ W3S addresses the slow data retrieval typically linked to decentralized networks, ensuring swift access to your data with minimal delays.
  • Scalable: AIOZ W3S can adapt to your growing storage needs continuously.
  • Enhanced Privacy: The decentralized nature of AIOZ W3S significantly lowers the risk of data breaches. Advanced encryption techniques are applied to secure your data, and you entirely own your access to your buckets. Not even AIOZ W3S!
  • Built-in CDN: AIOZ W3S leverages the AIOZ Network's peer-to-peer nodes that span worldwide, allowing data delivery from the nearest node without needing extra fees for separate CDN services.
  • Transparent Pricing: Our pricing structure is straightforward, with no hidden costs, making it simple to budget for development or scaling.
  • Pay with AIOZ tokens: Simplify transactions and get more value using AIOZ tokens for all your storage needs. With a pay-as-you-go model, you only pay for what you use.

Use Cases

  • Media and Entertainment Companies: Media and entertainment companies dealing with large volumes of video, audio, and image content can leverage AIOZ Web3 Storage for decentralized and secure storage of their media assets. This includes streaming platforms, content creators, broadcasters, and production studios.
  • E-commerce Platforms: E-commerce platforms can utilize AIOZ Web3 Storage to store product images, videos, and other media files. By leveraging the decentralized storage infrastructure, they can ensure high availability and fast delivery of product media to enhance the shopping experience for their customers.
  • Decentralized Applications (DApps): DApp developers can integrate AIOZ Web3 Storage as a storage solution for their decentralized applications. AIOZ Web3 Storage provides a reliable and scalable option for storing user-generated content, such as images, videos, and user profiles, within a decentralized ecosystem.
  • Blockchain Projects: Blockchain projects that require decentralized and immutable storage solutions can utilize AIOZ Web3 Storage to store and retrieve data from the blockchain. It offers a secure and distributed storage layer that complements the core blockchain functionality.
  • Healthcare and Medical Data: Healthcare providers, medical research institutions, and telemedicine platforms can leverage AIOZ Web3 Storage for storing sensitive medical data securely. Its encryption capabilities and decentralized infrastructure ensure data privacy and integrity, making it suitable for compliance with healthcare data regulations.
  • Data-driven Startups: Startups that deal with large datasets, such as data analytics, machine learning, or AI-based companies, can benefit from AIOZ Web3 Storage's scalability and cost-effectiveness. It provides a reliable and scalable storage infrastructure for storing and processing large volumes of data.
  • Cloud Service Providers: Cloud service providers can integrate AIOZ Web3 Storage as an additional storage option for their customers. It allows them to offer decentralized storage capabilities to their clients, diversifying their storage offerings and providing enhanced data availability and reliability.

W3S Cloud Object Storage offers a one-size-fits-all solution for different needs. It's great for media companies needing to store libraries of digital content, e-commerce sites desiring fast media delivery, and decentralized apps requiring scalable storage. It's also secure enough for healthcare data and cost-effective for startups with vast storage needs.


InterPlanetary File System, short for IPFS, is an open-source file-sharing system that has been created by Protocol Labs. IPFS revolutionizes data storage by creating a content-addressable, peer-to-peer structure that aspires to make the web faster, more secure, and open for all.

However, like all innovative technologies, IPFS has its challenges. Users often grapple with issues like technical complexity, data persistence, latency, limited search capabilities, and sporadic documentation. Addressing these concerns, we introduce AIOZ Web3 IPFS (W3IPFS) — the quintessential solution to these challenges.


AIOZ W3IPFS is the ultimate Web3 IPFS storage solution, offering high-speed, secure, and scalable file storage with features such as unlimited pinned files, dedicated resources, low latency, and smart caching.

Key Features

  • IPFS File Storage: Seamlessly store and retrieve data within the decentralized InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Enjoy the benefits of distributed storage, immutability, and data availability, ensuring the integrity and security of your DApp's content.
  • IPFS Pinning Service: Preserve your important data with our IPFS Pinning Service. Pin files and ensure their permanence, even when they are no longer actively accessed, ensuring reliable and long-term availability for your DApp's essential files.
  • NFT Upload & Management: Simplify the upload and management of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with AIOZ Web3 IPFS. Store NFTs securely within the IPFS network, leveraging its decentralized and resilient infrastructure to safeguard your unique digital assets.
  • Built-in CDN: Amplify the performance of your DApp's content delivery with our built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN). Benefit from fast and efficient content distribution across the globe, reducing latency and ensuring seamless experiences for your users.
  • Dedicated Gateways: Access your IPFS-stored data effortlessly through our dedicated gateways. Enjoy reliable and speedy access to your content, with optimized routes and low-latency connections, improving the overall user experience of your DApp.
  • Well-Documented SDK, API: Accelerate your development process with our comprehensive SDK and API documentation. Leverage our user-friendly tools and resources, making integration and utilization of AIOZ Web3 IPFS a breeze for developers, regardless of their expertise level. Use Cases
  • Artists and Creators: Artists, content creators, and digital media producers can leverage AIOZ Web3 IPFS to store and showcase their digital artworks, music, videos, and other multimedia content, utilizing the decentralized and secure storage infrastructure. Example: MakersPlace, NBA Top Shot, Mintable
  • NFT Marketplace Platforms: Online marketplaces that incorporate NFTs, digital goods, or user-generated content can utilize AIOZ Web3 IPFS as a reliable and decentralized storage solution to ensure the availability and integrity of their users' files and assets. Example: OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Foundation
  • NFT Games: NFT games can leverage AIOZ Web3 IPFS to store game assets, including characters, items, artwork, and multimedia files associated with the game. AIOZ Web3 IPFS provides a decentralized and secure storage infrastructure to enhance the gaming experience and ensure the availability of NFT-related assets. Example: Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained, My Crypto Heroes, The Sandbox, CryptoPunks, Ethermon.
  • Metaverse Applications: Metaverse applications, which create virtual worlds and environments, can utilize AIOZ Web3 IPFS to store and retrieve the assets required for their virtual experiences. This includes 3D models, textures, audio files, and other multimedia content necessary for building the metaverse. Example: ecentraland, Cryptovoxels, Somnium Space, Sandbox

AIOZ Web3 IPFS (W3IPFS) is more than just a product; it's a commitment to making the IPFS experience unparalleled. With its suite of features tailored for both end-users and developers, it's the vanguard of the next generation of IPFS interactions.


AIOZ W3AI is a cutting-edge Web3 AI computing infrastructure developed to revolutionize the way artificial intelligence tasks are executed. It empowers developers and businesses to harness the power of decentralized AI computing while offering seamless AI-as-a-service integration.


With AIOZ W3AI, AI models are executed locally on user devices through AIOZ Nodes, ensuring data privacy, enhanced performance, and a new level of user-centric AI experiences.

Moreover, AIOZ W3AI sets itself apart by providing an ecosystem that extends far beyond conventional AI execution platforms. It goes even further by facilitating decentralized AI model training capabilities, hosting an expansive marketplace for AI models and datasets, and providing dedicated spaces for crafting sophisticated AI-powered decentralized applications (dApps).

This multifaceted approach propels AIOZ W3AI into an innovative sphere, where collaborative model training, secure and shared datasets, and the development of groundbreaking decentralized applications converge harmoniously.

Key Features

  • Local AI Task Execution: AIOZ Nodes enable the execution of AI tasks directly on user devices, ensuring data privacy and reducing the reliance on centralized servers.
  • Distributed Computing: AI tasks are distributed across the AIOZ Network, optimizing resource utilization and scalability.
  • AI-as-a-Service Integration: User-friendly APIs: AIOZ W3AI offers easy-to-use APIs, SDKs, and documentation, allowing seamless integration of AI models into applications and services.
  • Comprehensive AI Models: End users can access a wide array of AI models, such as image generation, image classification, text recognition, sound recognition, and more, through the decentralized AI-as-a-service.
  • Proof of Computing and Rewards: AIOZ Nodes are incentivized to participate in the AI computing process through a proof-of-computing mechanism, earning rewards for executing AI tasks on behalf of end users.
  • Decentralized AI Marketplace: AI researchers and developers can create and monetize their own AI models, publishing them on the AIOZ W3AI marketplace. These models can be accessed and executed by AIOZ Nodes to serve other end-user needs.
  • Data Privacy and Security: Zero Data Exposure: User data remains on their devices, ensuring privacy and reducing the risk of data breaches.
  • Encryption and Decentralized Storage: AIOZ W3AI leverages advanced encryption techniques and decentralized storage to enhance data security.
  • Dynamic Scaling: AIOZ W3AI can dynamically scale AI task execution based on demand, ensuring efficient resource utilization.
  • Low Latency: Local execution of AI tasks results in minimal latency and improved user experiences.

Decentralized AI Marketplace

  • AI Model Creators: AI researchers and developers can monetize their expertise by creating and publishing AI models on the AIOZ W3AI marketplace, setting their own pricing and licensing terms.
  • AI Model Consumers: Businesses and individuals seeking AI solutions can explore the marketplace for a diverse selection of AI models, choosing the ones that best fit their needs and budget.

Transparent Transactions and Governance

  • Smart Contracts: All transactions within the AI marketplace are executed using smart contracts, ensuring transparency, and eliminating intermediaries.
  • Community Governance: The AIOZ W3AI marketplace is governed by the community through decentralized governance mechanisms, allowing stakeholders to influence platform rules and policies.

AI Model Verification and Quality Control

  • Validation Mechanisms: The AI marketplace implements verification mechanisms to ensure the quality and authenticity of published AI models, fostering trust among consumers.
  • User Feedback and Ratings: Users can provide feedback and rate AI models, enabling continuous improvement and accountability among AI model creators.

Use Cases

  • Decentralized AI Applications: Blockchain Projects: Decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts can leverage AIOZ W3AI to integrate AI functionalities directly within the blockchain ecosystem, enabling new use cases and enhancing data privacy.

Edge Computing Solutions

  • IoT Devices: IoT platforms and devices can benefit from AIOZ W3AI by executing AI tasks locally on edge devices, reducing the need for constant data transmission and enhancing real-time decision-making.
  • Mobile and Web Applications: Mobile app developers can integrate AIOZ W3AI to deliver AI-powered features without compromising user data privacy. Web developers can leverage AIOZ W3AI to enhance web applications with AI capabilities without relying on centralized AI service providers.
  • E-commerce and Personalization: AIOZ W3AI can be used to power personalized product recommendations, enhancing user experiences and driving customer engagement.
  • Research and Development: AIOZ W3AI provides a decentralized infrastructure for AI researchers to collaborate, share models, and execute experiments securely and efficiently.
  • Healthcare and Biotechnology: AIOZ W3AI enables AI-powered medical image analysis directly on medical devices, improving diagnostic accuracy and patient care.
  • Education and E-learning: AIOZ W3AI can enhance e-learning platforms by providing on-device AI capabilities for personalized learning experiences.

With AIOZ W3AI , developers, businesses, and end users can unlock the full potential of decentralized AI computing while ensuring data privacy, security, and scalability. Whether it's AI model execution on local devices or seamless integration of AI services, AIOZ W3AI revolutionizes the landscape of Web3 AI computing.

AIOZ W3Stream

Video hosting and streaming platforms have experienced tremendous growth and have become integral parts of the digital media landscape.

Web 2’s largest video platforms, allows users to upload, share, and discover a wide range of videos. It has transformed the way people consume and create video content. Similarly, short-form video platforms have gained massive popularity, especially among younger audiences, with algorithm-driven content recommendation systems that keep users engaged.

The centralized nature of the web2 video streaming ecosystems allows for opaque distribution and means that behemoth platforms capture the vast majority of the revenue, leaving minimal value for video creators.

AIOZ W3Stream

AIOZ Web3 Streaming serves as a foundational infrastructure for decentralized video streaming on the internet.

It provides the necessary tools, technologies, and support for businesses to deliver high-quality video content to their audiences globally; it also enables anyone to develop web3 applications that can offer alternatives to the lopsided revenue-sharing mechanics of the web2 industry that create an unhealthy balance between the creators of value and the platforms distributing content.

Key Features

  • Infrastructure for Video Streaming: Video Hosting, Streaming, Transcoding, Management & Analytics
  • Support for Popular Media Streaming Protocols: AIOZ Web3 Streaming provides comprehensive support for popular media streaming protocols, including HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) and MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP).
  • Built-in CDN: AIOZ's dCDN leverages a distributed network of edge nodes strategically placed across the globe. This ensures lightning-fast content delivery by minimizing latency and reducing data travel distance. It also eliminates any single points of failure.
  • Seamless Integration: AIOZ Web3 Streaming simplifies the integration process for businesses looking to incorporate video streaming capabilities into their applications or services. Its user-friendly APIs, SDKs, and documentation facilitate seamless integration, allowing businesses to focus on creating compelling video experiences rather than grappling with complex technical challenges
  • Wide Device Compatibility: AIOZ Web3 Streaming ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices, including desktop browsers, mobile devices, smart TVs, and streaming media players
  • Cost-Effective: AIOZ W3STREAM, powered by the AIOZ network, offers a cost-effective video delivery solution through various optimizations. Use Cases
  • Video Streaming Platforms: AIOZ Web3 Streaming can serve as a valuable solution for video streaming platforms of all sizes. Whether it's a global streaming service, a niche content provider, or a live streaming platform, AIOZ Web3 Streaming offers the necessary infrastructure to deliver high-quality video content to their viewers.
  • Media and Entertainment Companies: Media and entertainment companies, including broadcasters, content creators, production studios, and sports networks, can utilize AIOZ Web3 Streaming to ensure seamless and reliable delivery of their video content. It helps them engage with their audiences through immersive streaming experiences.
  • E-learning Platforms: E-learning platforms can leverage AIOZ Web3 Streaming to deliver educational videos and interactive content to students and learners worldwide. The platform's scalable infrastructure and adaptive bitrate streaming support provide a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience.
  • Webinar and Virtual Event Platforms: Platforms hosting webinars, conferences, and virtual events can benefit from AIOZ Web3 Streaming to deliver live video streams to participants. The robust infrastructure ensures high-quality streaming with minimal latency and buffering, enabling a seamless virtual event experience.
  • OTT (Over-the-Top) Service Providers: OTT service providers, including subscription-based video-on-demand platforms, can utilize AIOZ Web3 Streaming to optimize their content delivery. By leveraging adaptive bitrate streaming and global scalability, they can offer smooth playback experiences to their subscribers across different devices.
  • Gaming and Esports Platforms: Gaming and esports platforms that require live video streaming capabilities can utilize AIOZ Web3 Streaming to deliver real-time gameplay streams, esports tournaments, and gaming-related content. The platform's low-latency streaming and high-performance infrastructure enhance the gaming experience for viewers.
  • Enterprise Video Solutions: Enterprises requiring internal video communication and training solutions can leverage AIOZ Web3 Streaming to ensure reliable and secure video delivery. It enables companies to stream live events, internal training sessions, and executive broadcasts to their employees globally.
  • Telecommunications Providers: Telecommunications companies can integrate AIOZ Web3 Streaming into their service offerings to provide enhanced video streaming capabilities to their customers. By leveraging the platform's scalable infrastructure, they can deliver high-quality video content while optimizing network bandwidth usage.

AIOZ Native dApps: Proof of Infrastructural Integrity

At AIOZ, we have decided to go the extra mile when it comes to proving the functionality and integrity of our network and infrastructure.

For each infrastructure solution we have developed, we are also committed to launching native dApps that highlight how our foundational solutions are structurally sound, all the while utilizing our global network of nodes, AIOZ Blockchain, AIOZ dCDN and decentralized AI computing.

As well as delivering valuable web3 applications to the average user, by launching these products we also show the untold thousands of developers out there just how easy, affordable, safe and economically viable it is to build on AIOZ Network.

This process, alongside rigorous business development and partnerships with web2 and web3 clients will ensure the growth of the AIOZ Network dApp, developer and partner ecosystems.

Several native dApps are scheduled to be built on AIOZ Network infrastructure in the coming months; we commit to providing more information and periodic updates related to these developments.

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