AIOZ Blockchain - EVM x Cosmos
Gas Fees

Gas & Fees

On AIOZ Network mainnet, the accepted denom is attoaioz, where 1aioz = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000attoaioz

Transactions on the AIOZ Network need to include a transaction fee in order to be processed. This fee pays for the gas required to run the transaction. The formula is the following:

fees = ceil(gas * gasPrices)

The gas is dependent on the transaction. Different transaction require different amount of gas. The gas amount for a transaction is calculated as it is being processed, but there is a way to estimate it beforehand by using the auto value for the gas flag. Of course, this only gives an estimate. You can adjust this estimate with the flag --gas-adjustment (default 1.0) if you want to be sure you provide enough gas for the transaction.

The gasPrice is the price of each unit of gas. Each validator sets a min-gas-price value, and will only include transactions that have a gasPrice greater than their min-gas-price.

The transaction fees are the product of gas and gasPrice. As a user, you have to input 2 out of 3. The higher the gasPrice/fees, the higher the chance that your transaction will get included in a block.

For mainnet, the recommended gas-prices is 1000000000attoaioz.

Set minimum-gas-prices

Your full-node keeps unconfirmed transactions in its mempool. In order to protect it from spam, it is better to set a minimum-gas-prices that the transaction must meet in order to be accepted in your node's mempool. This parameter can be set in the following file ~/.aioz/config/app.toml.

The initial recommended min-gas-prices is 1000000000attoaioz, but you might want to change it later.