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AIOZ Wallet

AIOZ Wallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet that is simple to use, highly secure, and ideal for storing, managing AIOZ assets. AIOZ Wallet is the official app developed by AIOZ Network Team.

AIOZ Wallet is now available on

Supported Assets

Currently, the AIOZ Wallet only supports assets as follows

  • AIOZ Native on AIOZ Network
  • AIOZ ERC-20, ETH on Ethereum Network
  • AIOZ BEP-20, BNB on Binance Smart Chain

We will support more assets in many EVM-chains such as ETH, BSC, Polygon, FTM to bring more convenience for our users.

Manage Account with AIOZ Wallet

Create/Restore Account with Mnemonic Phrase

Access https://wallet.aioz.network (opens in a new tab) on any browser, follow steps to create/restore a wallet on AIOZ Network

Connect to Existing Wallet in Metamask/Keplr

You can use AIOZ Wallet to connect to your existing wallet in Metamask.
Please follow Metamask tutorials for more details.

Send/Receive AIOZ

  • Select the blockchain network you’d like to send/receive AIOZ.
    • AIOZ Native for AIOZ Network
    • AIOZ-ERC20 for Ethereum Network
    • AIOZ-BEP20 for Binance Smart Chain

- Click "Send / Receive"
  • Send TX - Check Transaction Status
    As soon as the transaction is confirmed by the network, you will see the following screen with the TXID. Click Transaction ID to check transaction details in our blockchain explorer

Bridge AIOZ

To bridge AIOZ from AIOZ ERC-20 (Ethereum Network) or AIOZ BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) to AIOZ (AIOZ Network) and vice versa, users of AIOZ Wallet can easily convert assets using "Bridge" function.

Follow AIOZ Crosschain Bridge tutorial for more detail steps. (How to bridge AIOZ between mutiple blockchain networks)

Stake AIOZ

You are able to support to secure AIOZ Network by staking AIOZ. Follow Staking tutorial for more detailed steps (How to stake AIOZ to secure AIOZ Network)