AIOZ Blockchain - EVM x Cosmos


AIOZ Network's Blockchain combines the robustness of Cosmos and the compatibility of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It leverages the Tendermint core and a delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism (dBFT) to achieve high transaction throughput, speed, and scalability with minimal fees. These features establish AIOZ Blockchain as a strong platform for decentralized applications (dApps).

The network's multichain structure facilitates integration with prominent EVM chains such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain through Gravity Bridge, and with Cosmos-based chains like Cosmos via Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC). This ensures fluid asset and data transfer across different blockchain ecosystems, enabling developers to utilize the advantages each offers.

Moreover, AIOZ Blockchain's support for established smart contract languages including Solidity and Web Assembly empowers developers to create and deploy versatile applications that maintain compatibility across platforms. This fosters an accessible and conducive environment for blockchain development.

EVMxCosmos Overview

AIOZ Network Blockchain Features

  • Instant Finality: Transactions on the AIOZ Network are finalized instantly, eliminating the need for long confirmation times and potential vulnerabilities associated with traditional blockchains.
  • Low Transaction Fees: Maintains low transaction fees, broadening access to blockchain technology and reducing costs for Web3 dApp deployment.
  • Multi-Chain Architecture with Infinite Horizontal Scalability: AIOZ Network's blockchain is designed to support multiple chains, allowing for infinite horizontal scalability. This ensures that the network can handle increased transaction volumes and user growth without compromising performance.
  • Smart Contracts for Web3 dApps: AIOZ Network supports both EVM-compatible smart contracts written in Solidity and WebAssembly smart contracts. This flexibility enables developers to choose the programming language that best suits their needs when building decentralized applications.
  • Interoperability: COSMOS Blockchain with EVM Compatibility: AIOZ Network's blockchain is based on COSMOS, providing interoperability with other COSMOS-based blockchains. It also offers compatibility with EVM chains, allowing seamless integration with existing Ethereum-based dApps. This cross-chain connectivity enables data exchange, cross-chain transfers, and smart contract interactions between different blockchain ecosystems.

AIOZ Network Interoperability

  • AIOZ Network x EVM-Chains: Gravity Bridge Protocol Gravity Bridge protocol is a decentralized, trustless protocol to bridge assets between the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems. As the world of blockchain continues to grow, interoperability between different networks becomes increasingly important. Gravity Bridge provides a simple and secure way to funnel liquidity from the Ethereum ecosystem into the Cosmos ecosystem, promoting interoperability and trustlessness, which are at the core of the Internet of Blockchains.

    As AIOZ Network expands and seeks to connect with other blockchains, the benefits of interoperability become increasingly relevant. Interacting with Gravity Bridge opens up new possibilities for AIOZ Network to tap into the liquidity of the Ethereum ecosystem and extend its reach within the Cosmos network. Additionally, the trustless and efficient design of Gravity Bridge aligns with the core principles of AIOZ Network, making it a natural fit for collaboration.

    The Gravity Bridge operates similarly to other cross-chain bridges, locking up native tokens on one side of the bridge and minting a corresponding representation on the other. This representation is then used by users before being returned to the bridge and redeemed for the native asset on the other chain.

  • AIOZ Network x Cosmos-Chains: IBC Protocol (Inter-Blockchain Communication) As part of our ongoing efforts to expand the reach of AIOZ Network, we are actively working on establishing connections with prominent Cosmos-based blockchains such as Cosmos Hub and Osmosis using Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol, . These endeavors aim to unlock new opportunities for decentralized applications in AIOZ Network to connect with the rapidly growing user base within the Cosmos ecosystem. In this article, we will provide an introduction to IBC Protocol, explaining its definition and how it works.

AIOZ Network: EVM x Cosmos - Benefits

  • Access to EVM and Cosmos: AIOZ Network lets users easily explore and use both Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems.
  • One Account, Two Ecosystems: Users can have one account with two types of addresses to access both EVM and Cosmos easily.
  • EVM dApps in Cosmos: It brings Ethereum-based apps, like exchanges, to the Cosmos world, adding more variety.
  • Familiar Tools for Developers: Developers who know Ethereum's tools and Solidity can quickly start using AIOZ Network, making it easier to join.
  • More Businesses on AIOZ Network: This dual access from EVM and Cosmos attracts various businesses, growing the community and increasing the types of apps available on AIOZ Network.