EVM Smart Contracts
Remix: Deploy Smart Contract

Remix: Deploy EVM Smart Contract

Remix (opens new window) is an in-browser IDE for Solidity Smart Contracts. This guide will teach us how to deploy a contract to a running AIOZ Network through Remix and interact with it.

Set Up Development Environment

Connect Metamask to Deployed Account

Add AIOZ Network to Metamask

  1. Open the MetaMask extension on your browser (you may have to log in to your MetaMask account if you have not done so yet).
  2. Click on the top right circle and go to Settings > Networks > Add Network
3. Fill out the form as shown below:

Getting AIOZ Testnet from Faucet

Faucet Testnet

Writing Smart Contract

Go to Remix (opens in a new tab). There are some contracts in the File Explorer. Add a new file under source code to HelloAIOZ.sol below.

// SPDX-License-Identifier: Unlicense
// Specifies that the source code is for a version of Solidity greater than 0.6.8
pragma solidity ^0.6.8;
contract HelloAIOZ {
    // The public variables, which can be accessible from outside a contract
    string public status;
    constructor(string memory initStatus) public {
        // setting `status` to initial value
        status = initStatus;
    // A publicly accessible function to updates `status`
    function update(string memory newStatus) public {
        status = newStatus;

This is the most basic smart contract on Solidity. The smart contract stores the status message and lets everyone on the blockchain read/update status.

Compile Smart Contract

On the left-most bar, select the Solidity Compiler and compile the contract. When the compilation process is completed without any errors or warnings, the contract is valid and ready to deploy.

Compile Remix

Deploying Smart Contract

On the left-most bar, select Deploy & Run transactions

  • Select the account to deploy
  • Select compiled smart contract to deploy
Deploy Remix
  • Enter initial value for status as parameter for contract initialized function

  • Click Deploy > Confirm Transaction on Metamask

Deploy Remix_1
  • Check Transaction Status from Remix Terminal
Deploy Remix_2
- Check Transaction Details with TX Hash
in [AIOZ Blockchain Explorer](

Interact with Smart Contract

Deploy Remix_4

You can interact with all deployed contracts in Remix, select deployed contract

  • Click status variable to read public value stored on blockchain
  • Click update > Enter new value > Metamask confirmation